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Exposed - Man who used wheelchair drops court case after video of him lifting it into car


Footage showed Mr Iosca walking with his wheelchair

Footage showed Mr Iosca walking with his wheelchair

Footage showed Mr Iosca walking with his wheelchair

A man who claimed he suffered considerable disruption to his life after his bike was hit by a car was seen on video footage picking up a wheelchair and putting it in his car.

He was also recorded removing crutches from plastic wrapping, in footage shown in court.

After the footage was shown, he withdrew a High Court action in which he claimed his bike was struck by a car that could not be traced.

Constantin Iosca (40), of Scholars Walk, Lusk, Co Dublin, sued the Motor Insurers' Bureau of Ireland (MIBI), which compensates victims of uninsured and untraced drivers.

On Friday, after the court was shown video footage of Mr Iosca shot by a security firm on behalf of the MIBI, Mr Justice Kevin Cross adjourned the case until yesterday and said the parties might discuss the matter.

In the video, he was shown walking his dog and walking near his home in November 2018.


In another video taken in January last year, he was being pushed in a wheelchair to an office in Dublin city centre and using two crutches to mount some steps into the office with assistance from others.

The footage shows him picking the wheelchair up and placing it in the boot of the car.

However, when he arrives into Dublin city centre, he is seen getting into the wheelchair and being wheeled to the building for his medical appointment.

He is also recorded using the crutches to climb the steps into the building. A short time after the medical appointment he is seen in another part of Dublin city centre walking unaided.

After returning to his home, the clip shows him lifting the wheelchair and crutches out of the car and bringing them into the house.

Later that day, he is shown in another part of the city walking with two others, without crutches, and also driving his car home.

Yesterday, counsel for Mr Iosca told the court his client was withdrawing the case.

Counsel for the MIBI said his side was looking for its costs against Mr Iosca. Mr Justice Cross noted the case had been withdrawn and he awarded costs to the MIBI against Mr Iosca.

Last week, Mr Iosca told the court he suffered serious back pain and considerable disruption to his life as a result of being hit by a car while cycling at or near Skerries Road in Lusk on June 1, 2016. The car was never traced.

He said he was brought by ambulance to Beaumont ED, where he was kept overnight for observation and discharged the following day on crutches.

The MIBI denied his claim.

MIBI chief executive David Fitzgerald said the fact the case was withdrawn was a "victory for putting suspicious claims to the test".

"Thanks to a comprehensive investigation, we were able to provide evidence which strongly rebutted the claim being made. We will now be referring the details of this case to the gardai," he said.

"Suspicious claims simply won't be accepted by the MIBI."

He said the MIBI was putting huge resources into establishing if the evidence actually supports a claim it believes is questionable.

"We will look under every stone to establish the truth, and if we do find any falsehoods we will bring those to the attention of the legal authorities," he added.

"That means anyone who is making a false injury claim had better be prepared to live a life that backs that claim up 24/7.

"We will happily provide genuine claimants with the compensation they deserve. But if the claim does not live up to scrutiny then it should not be allowed to succeed and the MIBI is determined to defeat claims of this nature."