Thursday 12 December 2019

Drunken visitor from England promises he'll behave himself

Temitope Ididapo, from Nottingham, spent a night in a cell
Temitope Ididapo, from Nottingham, spent a night in a cell

A man who became "highly intoxicated" at a Dublin hotel after coming to Ireland to visit his partner was arrested when he refused to leave.

Temitope Ididapo spent a night in a garda station cell, but was spared any more time in custody when he gave a sworn undertaking to "behave himself" when he is here.

Ididapo, of Brooke Court, Nottingham, pleaded guilty to public intoxication and failing to comply with garda directions.

Judge Gerard Jones dismissed the charges.

Blanchardstown District Court heard the incident happened at the Clayton Hotel, Liffey Valley, last Wednesday.

The court heard gardai were called to the hotel at 11.29pm after it was reported that the accused had been in a domestic dispute with his partner.


He was asked several times to leave the premises, and told gardai he had a friend who was coming to collect him.

This did not happen, and he was eventually arrested in a "highly intoxicated" state.

Ididapo had come to Ireland to visit his partner and had been drinking, his lawyer said.

"He should have taken the advice he was given to leave, and the scene would have been over and nothing would have occurred, but he didn't do that," the lawyer said.

He had some minor previous convictions and was a man of limited means, the court heard.

He had been working, but had been let go from his job.

Judge Jones asked the accused to give an undertaking "not to behave in this fashion again".

"Hundred per cent, yes," Ididapo said.

He told the court he had spent the night in custody.

"I won't send you back there," the judge said. "Behave yourself when you are in this country."

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