Wednesday 22 January 2020

Drunken builder bit two gardai after his work night out

Cornel Giurgila (37) bit two gardai and kicked a third
Cornel Giurgila (37) bit two gardai and kicked a third

A builder bit two gardai and kicked a third after smashing a shop stand when he became violent after drinking too much on a night out.

Cornel Giurgila (37) left one of the gardai bleeding from an arm wound after he bit him while he was being arrested.

Judge Bryan Smyth ordered the accused to pay compensation and adjourned the case.

Giurgila pleaded guilty to two counts of common assault and one of assault causing harm.

Dublin District Court heard gardai found the accused lying on the ground at Eden Quay at 7.50pm on July 5. When spoken to, he was found to be highly intoxicated, irate and aggressive.

The manager of a nearby Daybreak shop said the accused had caused €100 worth of damage to a stand.

Giurgila, of no fixed address, had to be restrained when arrested and became violent when placed in the rear of a patrol car.

He bit two gardai on the arms and kicked another on the leg.


The skin of one of the victims was broken and bleeding and on arriving at the garda station, all three officers were sent to the Mater Hospital for treatment.

The garda whose skin was broken by the bite was not left with permanent marks and all three victims recovered.

The accused wished to convey his "most sincere apologies" to the gardai, the accused's lawyer said.

Giurgila had worked in construction since coming to Ireland in 2004 and a reference from an employer showed he was a "most valued employee", his lawyer said.

The accused had been out drinking with work colleagues and consumed "far too much alcohol" on the evening.

He acknowledged there was "no excuse" for his actions.

Giurgila had €500 in court as a token of his remorse and embarrassment.

"There will have to be a considerable amount more in compensation, and given what happened on the night he may be looking at a sentence," Judge Smyth said.

He said he was seeking €2,000 in compensation to cover the assaults and the damage to the shop.

The judge adjourned the case to a date in January.

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