Tuesday 15 October 2019

Drunk told female officer 'you're not even a real garda'

Wesley Lyons’ sister had died and he took it ‘very heavily’
Wesley Lyons’ sister had died and he took it ‘very heavily’

A father-of-one found hurling drunken abuse in the street told the investigating garda she could not arrest him because she was a woman.

Wesley Lyons (35) said the officer was "not a real garda" because she was female.

She arrested him and found a knife.

Judge Carol Anne Coolican adjourned the case for a proba- tion report.

Lyons, of Cherrywood Crescent, Clondalkin, admitted threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour and possession of a knife.

Dublin District Court heard gardai were called to a public order incident on James's Street last November 8.

The officers approached Lyons about the incident and when they spoke to him he began shouting.

"He was intoxicated and stated I was not a real garda as I was female," the prosecuting officer said.

"He said I was a bean garda and I could not arrest him."


She did arrest him and took him to Kevin Street Garda Station, where he was searched.

A small penknife was found in his pocket.

The accused was not trying to conceal it, his lawyer said.

"Intoxication was an issue in relation to this matter," he added.

Lyons had 35 previous convictions, 11 of which were for public order offences, the last of them in 2015.

He had not come to garda attention between 2015 and the latest offences or since, his lawyer said.

The accused's younger sister had recently died and Lyons had taken that "very heavily", the court heard.

At the time, he had gone directly to the pub after work and had taken alcohol.

"He fully accepts that what happened should not have happened," his lawyer added.

The court heard the accused worked on building sites from time to time and it would not be strange to have something like the knife on him to cut palette coverings.

However, he accepted he should not have had it on him.

Judge Coolican adjourned the case until a date in September.

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