Saturday 16 December 2017

Drunk mum who 'got lairy' with gardai avoids conviction

Agne Venclovaite
Agne Venclovaite

A young mother-of-one hurled abuse at gardai, then tried to run away when they found her drunk on a street near her home.

Agne Venclovaite (26) was arrested for public order offences after getting "a little lairy" when approached by gardai.

Judge Fiona Lydon left her without a criminal record when she appeared at Dublin District Court.

Venclovaite, of The Academy Building, Parkwest, pleaded guilty to public intoxication and threatening and abusive behaviour at Parkwest at 4.45am on May 13. The defendant was in "quite an intoxicated state" when gardai came across her.

When she was approached, she became agitated and shouted abuse at them, Sergeant Niall Murphy said.


When they went to arrest her, she ran away but they followed her and caught her.

She was arrested and taken to the local garda station where she was charged.

Venclovaite had no previous convictions, the court heard.

The accused had been living in Dublin for the past eight years, her solicitor said.

"She was very drunk at the time of the incident and fully accepted she got a little lairy," she added.

The accused had not been doing anything to attract the attention of gardai but "she was more happened upon in a drunken state and became abusive at that point".

Venclovaite had never been in trouble before and her solicitor asked Judge Lydon to be as lenient as possible.

A conviction would affect her ability to get a job and she asked the judge to deal with the case under the Probation Act.

The defendant apologised for her behaviour and the judge applied the act, leaving the accused without a conviction.

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