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Drunk kicked busker and stole camera cap

A MAN who kicked and slapped a street performer and had to be chased by a tourist when he snatched his camera lens cap did not realise "how annoying" he was, a court heard.

Greg Horan (27) was arrested for being a nuisance following the drunken pranks in Temple Bar, Dublin. He was fined €300 after he admitted public order offences at Dublin District Court.

Horan, of Sycamore View, Castleknock, pleaded guilty to public drunkenness and causing a breach of the peace in the incident.

Garda Kevin Quirke told the court he was on duty at 12.35am on October 15, 2012, when he found Horan in a highly intoxicated state and acting in a threatening and abusive manner to members of the public.

A complaint was made that he had taken a camera cap from a member of the public, who had to chase him to retrieve it.


He had also "kicked and slapped a busker who was performing at the time". He was arrested.

There was CCTV footage of the incident which the accused had seen, his solicitor Maura Kiely said.

"I don't think he appreciated how annoying he was on the night and that is how you described him -- annoying and a nuisance," Ms Kiely explained.

Horan has had a "significant difficulty with drugs and drink", having developed a problem with smoking cannabis at the age of 15. He went on to have a "serious difficulty" with cocaine, tablets and alcohol.

Last November, Horan was given a suspended sentence and had not come to garda attention since.

"It seems to have had the desired effect in terms of keeping him out of trouble," Ms Kiely said.

Judge Michael Walsh said Horan's record had improved over the last year. He fined him for breach of the peace.