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Drunk chef tried to headbutt a car as he dodged Dublin traffic


Romi Ramtohul had been ‘living on his wits’, court was told

Romi Ramtohul had been ‘living on his wits’, court was told

Romi Ramtohul had been ‘living on his wits’, court was told

A drunken chef tried to headbutt a passing car as he jumped dangerously in and out of traffic in Dublin city centre, a court heard.

Romi Ramtohul (44) had been homeless, drinking too much and "living on his wits" when the incident happened, his lawyer told Dublin District Court.

Ramtohul, who gave a city centre hostel as his address, pleaded guilty to being drunk and a danger to traffic, as well as threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour.

He was fined €200.

A garda sergeant told the court that last December 31 the accused was seen by gardai out in traffic at a junction at Parnell Street.

He was jumping in and out of traffic, causing cars to brake suddenly to avoid collision.

He also tried to headbutt a car that drove past.


In a separate incident, the court heard, gardai saw the accused drinking from a can of Guinness on Moore Street on February 11 and told him to put the can in a bin.

Ramtohul started to shout at the top of his lungs and was arrested when he would not stop.

The accused is from Mauritius and has been in Ireland for 13 years, his solicitor John O'Doherty said.

He had previously worked as a chef but had a fall and began suffering seizures and had not worked since.

Ramtohul was "living on his wits", Mr O'Doherty added, pointing out his offences were all alcohol-related.

He said his client "on occasion drinks too much" and what happened was due to this and the fact his mental health was "not where it should have been".

There was "no violence in him", Mr O'Doherty said.

"Well, he was trying to headbutt a car," Judge Brian Smyth remarked.