Wednesday 23 January 2019

Drug dealer's wife loses battle to stop CAB selling her home

Ciara Mahony. Pic:Collins Courts
Ciara Mahony. Pic:Collins Courts

The wife of a key player in the Kinahan cartel has lost her battle to save her home in north Dublin.

Ciara Mahony, who is married to drug dealer Brian Mahony, was in the High Court yesterday to try to stop the sale of the property which was seized by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB).

She argued that she paid the mortgage and general upkeep of the house, which CAB disputed.

The house, which friends previously said was her pride and joy, was listed along with two other assets in 2014 when the High Court ruled it was bought with the proceeds of crime.

The court heard the action was brought after Brian Mahony failed to satisfy a judgment obtained against him by Revenue in 2013 for €1.25m.

The property is in the sole name of Mahony, who was not present in court, nor were any representations made on his behalf.


He acquired the house in 2005 for €300,000 with a mortgage from EBS and a €30,000 deposit which the High Court subsequently found had come from an unknown criminal activity.

During her examination, Mrs Mahony said she is separated from her husband.

She said she has lived in the house since 2006, and her family would be "devastated" if she and her children lost "the roof over our heads".

She told the court she had been making payments on the mortgage which had gone into arrears of more than a year. She said she was working shifts at a newsagents where she was paid €10 an hour.

Her average take home pay was about €650 cash per week. She said she had been making payments of between €1,600 and €1,400 a month to EBS, as well as paying for the upkeep of the house and utility bills.

The judge said he had "a difficulty" accepting Ms Mahony's evidence about where she was getting money to make mortgage payments. He did have "some sympathy" for her and placed a nine-month stay on the orders for vac-ant possession and sale.

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