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Drug accused was filmed in bed to try prove curfew kept


Lorraine Wolfe ‘always had an excuse’, the judge said

Lorraine Wolfe ‘always had an excuse’, the judge said

Lorraine Wolfe ‘always had an excuse’, the judge said

A woman facing drugs and assault charges showed a court a video of herself asleep in her bed to try to prove she had not broken a bail curfew.

Lorraine Wolfe (39) insisted she was home when a garda called to check on her, and produced a video which she said a brother took of her sleeping at the time.

Alleging she had breached bail conditions, a garda said the footage would have been "laughed out of court" if it had been brought in by the prosecution.

Judge Grainne Malone said she had "huge doubts" over the veracity of the video and imposed a stricter curfew but allowed Ms Wolfe to remain on bail.

The accused, from Blackhorse Downs, Cabra, is charged with a series of separate offences including possession of heroin for sale or supply, theft and assaulting a woman at Tesco on Prussia Street.

She denies all charges, which date back several years.

Dublin District Court heard under conditions, she had to observe an 11pm to 7am curfew at her home.


Garda Sergeant John O'Donovan said he called to the house at 11.45pm on May 9 and was told that Wolfe was sick in hospital.

Another garda said he called at 12.30am on May 13, spoke to her father and was at the door for two minutes but the accused never presented herself.

Ms Wolfe produced a prescription in court in relation to the first alleged breach.

On the second, she said the garda did not give her father enough time to get her. She showed the court a video of her in bed with the time on a clock.

"If gardai presented that video as evidence it would be laughed out of court," Sgt O'Donovan said.

In a third alleged bail breach, the court heard she was 40 metres from her house but said there had been a family dispute.

The judge changed the curfew to 9pm-7am and adjourned all cases for hearing next week.

She said the accused "always has an excuse" but she noted Ms Wolfe had turned up in court and she was concerned the trial would not go ahead if she was remanded in custody.