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Driver 'nearly took out' a garda car after a few beers


The two men died after their car struck a tree

The two men died after their car struck a tree

The two men died after their car struck a tree

A DRUNK driver who nearly crashed into a garda car has been put off the road for three years.

Dalia Sabaliauskaite (29) was "very drunk" after post-work beers in a pub when she "nearly took out" the patrol car.

At Blanchardstown District Court, Judge David McHugh banned her from driving, fined her €200 and told her to take an alcohol awareness course.

The accused, of Bewley Avenue, Willsbrook Lawns, Lucan, pleaded guilty to drunk driving at Arthur Griffith Park, Lucan on April 24 last.

The court heard she was seen driving over the continuous white line on the road at 5.55am before nearly colliding with a patrol vehicle.

The garda car's blue lights and sirens were activated and she was stopped and arrested.

At the garda station, she provided a breath sample that tested over the limit. Sabaliauskaite had been in the pub after work and had a "few beers", her solicitor Valerie Buckley said.

"She accepts she was well over the limit," Ms Buckley told Judge McHugh.

The accused is from Lithuania and has been living in Ireland for 10 years.

Her uncle had died some weeks prior to the incident.

"She nearly took out a police car, and we can only speculate about what might have happened," Judge McHugh said.

"She was very drunk on the night and put the lives of the gardai and herself in danger."

"Thankfully, nobody was injured," Ms Buckley replied.

The accused was in employment and had no other mode of transport she could use besides her car, she continued.

Ms Buckley asked the judge to defer the mandatory disqualification to a later date.

"I think the sooner the sanction is put in place the better," the judge said.

He said the ban was to take effect four weeks after conviction.