Saturday 19 January 2019

DNA of suspect 'found on mobile at murder scene'

DNA belonging to a Wicklow man on trial for the fatal shooting of a 27-year-old father of two was found on a mobile phone recovered from the scene of the killing, the Central Criminal Court has heard.

Michael Burrington, a forensic scientist, was giving evidence on the 13th day of the trial of Garrett O'Brien (37) of Clover Hill, Bray, who denies fatally shooting Seamus O'Byrne in the driveway of his home at Tymon Park North, Tallaght, on March 13, 2009.

It is the prosecution's case that O'Brien was part of a gang who had, for two days prior to the killing, plotted to shoot Mr O'Byrne at his home.

Mr Burrington told the court he examined tape lifts taken from three parts of a broken black Nokia mobile phone found at the scene and compared it with DNA swabs taken from O'Brien and three other suspects.

O'Brien's DNA was discovered on the back surface of the phone and was the minor source of DNA on the battery. The major source belonged to an unidentified male.


Liam Flury, a forensic scientist specialising in firearms residue, examined the clothing belonging to three suspects arrested in connection with the shooting as well as clothing recovered from O'Brien's home.

Previously, the court heard evidence from Det Gda Mary Moore that at approximately 11pm on the night of the shooting gardai pulled over a silver Nissan Primera at gunpoint.

The three men in the car, Eugene Cullen, Mark Taylor and Garry Flynn were all arrested as suspects in connection with the shooting.

Mr Flury told the court that firearm residue was discovered on a swab taken from Garry Flynn's right hand as well as on the right and left cuff of his grey hooded tracksuit top.

Black gloves recovered from the scene were also examined and found to contain firearm residue, no residue was discovered on the clothing taken from Garrett O'Brien's home.

The trial continues.


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