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Dad-of-three put off the road for 40 years after driving while banned

A motorist who was driving while already disqualified has been put off the road for 40 years.

David Evans (28) avoided a sentence after a judge heard that he missed his brother's funeral last year because he was in prison at the time.

Judge John Coughlan banned Evans from driving for 40 years and fined him €500.

The defendant, of Rossfield Avenue in Tallaght, admitted before Tallaght District Court to several road traffic matters including driving without insurance or a driving licence.


He also admitted to driving while he was disqualified from driving.

Garda Sergeant Bernard Jones said gardai stopped Evans on May 24, 2012, at Brookfield Road, in Tallaght, and again at Rossfield Drive, in Tallaght, on June 24 last year.

He was asked to produce his insurance and NCT details but he failed to produce them.

The court heard Evans has 86 previous convictions.


Defence solicitor Michael Hennessy said Evans recently served a six-month sentence, which was imposed last September.

Mr Hennessy said the defendant, a father- of-three, served every day of that sentence and sadly missed the funeral of his brother.

The solicitor said Evans' brother died while he was in custody, and that Evans, who is unemployed and on social welfare, was not let out of prison for the funeral.

Judge Coughlan banned Evans from driving for 40 years and imposed a €500 fine.