Sunday 17 December 2017

Dad got his shotgun out over threats

ANGER: Daughter rang in tears

A HOSPITAL porter produced a double-barrel shotgun and warned two security men at a housing development that there would be trouble if anything happened to his daughter's apartment.

Paul Kelly (49) said he had "a rush of blood to the head" after his daughter rang him in tears saying she had received threats to damage her home.

A judge ordered Kelly to enter into a peace bond for a year, saying the incident arose out of "exceptional circumstances" and it was an "emotional situation" for the defendant.

The defendant admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to possession of a Silma double barrel at his home at Wellview Park in Mulhuddart, giving rise to a reasonable inference that it was not for a lawful purpose.

The incident took place on January 5 last.

The court heard the DPP had directed summary disposal of the matter in the District Court on a guilty plea only.


Garda Sergeant Maria Callaghan said that Kelly picked up his legally held firearm and went to the Parnell estate, Ladyswell Road in Mulhuddart where he told two security men that there would be trouble if anything happened to his daughter's house.

Sgt Callaghan said Kelly did not threaten the security men but showed them the gun and informed them of what might happen.

The court heard the defendant has an unblemished record, and has worked for 31 years as a porter in James Connolly Memorial Hospital. He is also involved in Corduff FC.

The gun was a legally held weapon which Kelly used for clay pigeon shooting.

Defence lawyer said Kelly's daughter had been receiving threats, and had received a threat that her house would be smashed up.

The defendant got a call from his daughter, picked up his gun, and rushed to be at her side.

The court heard that Kelly realises his behaviour was wrong, but he had "a rush of blood to the head".

Judge Brian Sheridan said this behaviour could not be allowed. However, he accepted the incident was a once-off and ordered Kelly to enter into a peace bond for one year.


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