Sunday 19 November 2017

Corbett children custody decision due on Monday

Jason Corbett and his first wife Mags
Jason Corbett and his first wife Mags

A decision will not be made on the custody of Jason Corbett's children until Monday.

Jack (10) and Sarah (8) were put into the care of US authorities last week after their father (39) was killed following a domestic incident in their home.

A guardianship hearing was held in North Carolina yesterday but the judge said that he would wait until Monday to announce his decision.

The children were put in the care of Mr Corbett's second wife, Molly Martens Corbett, who along with her father, Thomas Martens (65), are the main suspects in the case.

Mr Corbett's sister, Tracey Lynch, and her husband David flew to the US with a copy of Mr Corbett's will, which they say gives them custody of the children.


David said that they have not been able to contact the kids since arriving in the US last week.

"Tracey got to speak to one of them for 10 seconds before she left Ireland," he said.

"Jason's will states that the children are to be put into our care should anything happen to him and his wishes should be honoured," he added.

The children's mother, Mags Corbett, died in 2006 after suffering an asthma attack.

No arrests have been made following Mr Corbett's death.

Yesterday's hearing was closed to the media and spectators.

Consul General of Ireland Shane Stevens attended the hearing.

"We are working to ensure that the best interest of these young Irish citizens are protected," he said.

Molly Martens Corbett's uncle, Michael Earnest, said that she should get custody of the children.

"Family is extremely important to Molly and she would want the extended family to be a part of their lives," he said.

Local police found Mr Corbett unconscious in his bedroom on August 3 after a domestic disturbance.

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