Friday 19 July 2019

Consultant caught supplying cocaine had 'bright future'

Angelo Orsini was an ‘unsophisticated’ dealer
Angelo Orsini was an ‘unsophisticated’ dealer

A recruitment consultant with a "bright future" was caught supplying cocaine to "associates" outside a Dublin pub.

Angelo Orsini (29) had had "all the advantages in life" but fell into a "particular lifestyle" and developed an addiction, a court heard.

Judge Michael Walsh contrasted Orsini's background with the disadvantaged circumstances of many drug addicts who appear before the courts.

He spared him an eight-month jail sentence, but ordered him to carry out 220 hours of community service.

Orsini, of Brewery House, Clancy Quay, pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

Dublin District Court heard gardai saw him acting suspiciously at Coppinger Row last August 11.

He was searched and had a quantity of cocaine on him worth €1,400.

Weighing scales were found in his bag. The drugs were "not solely for personal use" and Orsini accepted he was "supplying the drugs to associates", his solicitor Niall Walsh said.

It was "not a commercial endeavour".


The accused had come from work and was in the smoking area of a pub, Mr Walsh said.

"It was an out-in-the-open transaction, he passed the drugs to someone else," he said.

"It wasn't done with any discretion. It was unsophisticated. It was quite clumsy."

Orsini was from a good family in England and had no prior convictions. He had a good education, with a degree in accounting and banking.

He worked in healthcare recruitment and was team leader in the Irish branch of a UK firm, the court heard.

He had an "excellent work ethic", and although his employers were aware of the case and were "disappointed in him", they were "backing him 100pc".

Orsini accepted he had "got himself on to a slippery slope" and made a grave error.

Judge Walsh said the drugs could have made 28 deals.

He said the court had to recognise the "huge contrast" between Orsini's background with "all the advantages in life" and the disadvantaged circumstances of many other accused.

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