Friday 15 December 2017

Collopy handed over his phone to me – garda

John Dundon
John Dundon

A RETIRED detective has told a murder trial how Philip Collopy handed over his mobile phone to gardai just hours after he received a call from John Dundon following Shane's Geoghegan's murder.

Sean Lynch was one of the first officers at the scene of Shane Geoghegan's murder in Clonmore, Kilteragh, Doora-doyle, Limerick, on the morning of November 9, 2008.

Yesterday, Mr Lynch told the Special Criminal Court that brothers Philip and Kieran Collopy from St Mary's Park, Limerick, arrived to the scene shortly after 9am.

The court previously heard that following the gun attack which resulted in Mr Geoghegan's death, John Dundon rang Philip Collopy "to slag him" that Johnny McNamara was dead.

The trial heard how McNamara was the intended target and that John Dundon is alleged to have ordered Barry Doyle to kill McNamara. The non-jury court heard that Philip Collopy, who since died from an accident, handed over his mobile phone to Det Lynch at the scene.

CCTV footage was also shown of the Collopy brothers meeting with the accused man and Barry Doyle on October 29, 2008, in Cruises Street, Limerick. "Philip and Kieran Collopy and John Dundon are known to me for a long number of years. In latter years, I have known Barry Doyle," Mr Lynch told the court.

Garda Peter Colleran said that at 6.50pm on the evening of the murder, he saw John Dundon, his partner, Ciara Killeen and Barry Doyle get out of a grey Passat and run into John McCarthy's home at 87 Cliona Park, Moyross, Limerick.

The car was stopped shortly afterwards in Ballynanty and Dundon was searched. He was found to be wearing a bullet proof vest, the court heard.

Victoria Gunnery told the court that Barry Doyle was her boyfriend in 2008 when he moved to Limerick.

Defence counsel, Brendan Nix, said his client's passport was taken from him previously and that he had to see it.

Mr Nix said it "may have a huge bearing on this case."


Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns issued a direction to the passport office to furnish full details of the last passport issued to John Dundon.

The court heard from Marie Carew whose Renault Espace was stolen in the Monaleen area on October 16, 2008.

Her handbag, which was in the stolen car, was found in a graveyard in July 2010.

State witnesses, Lisa Collins and Christopher McCarthy, have admitted they stole it but will not be prosecuted for it.

Earlier this week, Lisa Collins testified to the court that in 2008, she shared a house at Crecora Avenue with her partner and Dundon's cousin, Christopher McCarthy.

She said that a couple of weeks before Mr Geoghegan's murder, Dundon came to their home with Barry Doyle.

"John Dundon used to be talking about John McNamara out in Raheen. 'Pitchfork' he used to call him.

"Barry asked him what the story was with him," she said. "John Dundon said: 'We're going to kill the c***'."

Ms Collins said that she was woken by a phone ringing on the night Mr Geoghegan died. She said there was also knocking at the door. "It was John Dundon and Barry Doyle," she said. "John Dundon was saying that Johnny Mac was dead," she said. "He was laughing."

The trial continues next Tuesday.


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