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Christening guest beat up childhood pal twice on street


Vincent O’Hanlon has been jailed after attacking his friend

Vincent O’Hanlon has been jailed after attacking his friend

Vincent O’Hanlon has been jailed after attacking his friend

A Dublin man beat up his childhood friend, knocking him out cold, after the victim invited him to a family christening party, a court heard.

Vincent O'Hanlon (39) attacked his friend twice on the street outside his home after the celebrations, inflicting head and shoulder injuries and leaving him shocked and unable to explain the assault.

O'Hanlon denied the charge, claiming the victim went to hit him first and he acted in self-defence as they "gave each other handbags".

Judge Paula Murphy found him guilty and jailed him for seven months, with another two suspended.

O'Hanlon, of Grange Abbey Drive, Donaghmede, had pleaded not guilty to assault causing harm to Wayne McGrath.

Mr McGrath told Dublin District Court that on November 22, 2015, he had been celebrating his niece's christening along with O'Hanlon, who was a long-time friend.

They went back to O'Hanlon's house with another friend and two women they had met.


O'Hanlon was chatting to one of the women, but it "didn't work out" and he walked her to a taxi before coming back, "pissed off", and being rude, Mr McGrath said.

Mr McGrath walked the other woman to a taxi and was then "knocked out cold". He did not know what happened, but believed his shoulder was dislocated when he came to.

He got up off the ground, left the woman to her taxi and went to his brother Gary's house.

O'Hanlon came from behind a car and "continued to attack" him, with "loads of digs" to the face. He fell to the ground.

"We were friends since we were kids, we never had argu- ments or anything," Mr McGrath said. "I have no an- swer for why he did it."

He denied they got into a fight. A medical report said his shoulder was not dislocated.

The accused said Mr McGrath was "paralytic drunk" and verbally aggressive.

"We had an altercation outside, he challenged me to a fight and went to hit me," O'Hanlon said.

There was a "tussle" and the victim "landed on his arse", the accused said.