Saturday 16 December 2017

Capt America pays out €6k for punching man on street

A HUMAN resources expert specialising in conflict resolution was dressed up as Captain America when he viciously assaulted another man.

Declan Sweeney (28) was told by a judge that he was "lucky to be walking away from this" after handing in €6,000 in compensation at Letterkenny District Court.

A previous hearing heard that Sweeney, who specialises in conflict resolution at United Healthcare, struck his victim several times after his friends had asked for directions to a guesthouse on Halloween night, 2010.

The victim, Oliver O'Donnell of Castlebar, Co Mayo, suffered two black eyes and a broken front tooth after the attack in Letterkenny.

Judge Paul Kelly had found Sweeney guilty of assault at a previous hearing of Letterkenny District Court in Co Donegal.

Judge Kelly had told Sweeney he would escape a conviction if he came up with a satisfactory compensation because he had no previous convictions. He accepted an offer of €6,000 for Mr Gallagher's injuries.

Sweeney, of Upper Woodland, Letterkenny, had claimed that O'Donnell had attacked his girlfriend and he was only trying to defend her.

However, Judge Kelly said he believed the evidence of Sergeant Joe Kealy who said Sweeney was the attacker.

"Perhaps he was imbued with the spirit of the costume he was wearing, was trying to act out the role and intervened. Had he done so in a less aggressive manner then it might not have ended up here today. He nonetheless perpetrated quite a violent assault and I am satisfied with the evidence of Sgt Kealy," said Judge Kelly.

Judge Kelly gave the defendant the Probation Act, stating: "You're a very lucky man to be walking away from that."


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