Friday 15 December 2017

Burglar had a beer after 'accidental' break-in

Christopher Lynch (26) pleaded guilty to a burglary charge (Stock picture)
Christopher Lynch (26) pleaded guilty to a burglary charge (Stock picture)

A young man returning from a night out drinking broke into a flat, mistakenly thinking it was where he was staying.

Christopher Lynch (26) thought the residents were intruders, told them to leave and was found by gardai sitting drinking a bottle of beer. Lynch pleaded guilty to a burglary charge.

Judge Ann Ryan adjourned the case and said she would apply the Probation Act if he made a €100 charity donation.

She said it had been a "shock" for the residents, but there was "no malice intended".

The court heard the incident happened at Kevin Barry House, North King Street, on March 7 this year.

Sgt Paul Keane told Dublin District Court that gardai received an intruder call at 10.45pm and found Lynch in the flat.

Lynch, from Ashfield, Mellick, Co Clare, had been out drinking earlier in the night and arrived back in the flat, mistakenly believing it was where he was staying with friends.

After he forced his way in, he thought the residents were the intruders and told them to leave, but they did not.

The accused had been drinking heavily on the night and was staying nearby at the time, his solicitor Donal Quigley said.

He accepted it had been "very disturbing for the people on the night in question".

The offence happened during a "blackout due to alcohol" and he was "pretty mortified".

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