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'Broke' paraplegic offered €50 to hold heroin in his home


Jason Brady said he knew the parcel contained drugs

Jason Brady said he knew the parcel contained drugs

Jason Brady said he knew the parcel contained drugs

A paraplegic caught with more than €1,300 worth of heroin in his home claimed he was offered €50 to hold it by a man he met in a pub.

Jason Brady (35) did not want to cooperate, but was "absolutely broke" and needed the money.

A court heard Brady has been using a wheelchair since he was knocked down by a van in May 2006.

Judge Hugh O'Donnell fined him €350 and imposed a six-month suspended sentence.

The defendant, of Cushlawn Drive, Tallaght, admitted before Dublin District Court to possess- ion of heroin.

He was also found guilty of possession of heroin for sale or supply.

Gda Michelle McGuinness said she obtained a warrant and searched Brady's home shortly before 8am on January 12 last year.

She said she found a bag of heroin on the coffee table in the defendant's sitting room.

The court heard Brady told her: "I'm holding it here for someone."

Gda McGuinness said the value of the heroin was €1,305, and this was a large quantity for an individual's immediate use.


In cross-examination, she accepted that she did not find any cash, a tick list, weighing scales or any other drug paraphernalia associated with dealing.

In his evidence, Brady, who is on disability, claimed he was down to his last €15 and was not due to collect his money until the following Wednesday.

On the Saturday, he went to the pub to watch a football match and was approached by a man who asked him to hold on to a parcel and he would be paid €50.

Brady said he knew the parcel contained drugs, and suspected that "the plan was I'd have a sneaky smoke and end up back on the stuff".

Judge O'Donnell found Brady guilty of having the heroin for sale or supply.

Brady's defence lawyer said he had worked in the ports as a young man, and started taking heroin after he saw a friend smoking it.

He later went to the UK, where he managed to kick his habit, and has not touched heroin for 13 years.

The lawyer said Brady had been seriously injured when he was hit by a van in Tallaght in 2006.

He suffered damage to his spinal court, his rib punctured his lung and penetrated his heart.