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Boy attacker faces drug test

A JUDGE has ordered drug testing of a youth who attacked two female gardai and swung them against the wall of a south Dublin bingo hall.

The youth, now aged 18, but who was a juvenile at the time of the attack, had been found guilty at the Dublin Children's Court of assaulting the gardai outside the Star Bingo Hall, Crumlin, on March 22 last year.

The court had heard that the teenager had become "reliant on cannabis".

Judge Clare Leonard adjourned sentencing until September and ordered a drug test report.

Texts can help smokers quit

Motivational text messages sent to smokers' mobile phones can double their chances of giving up tobacco, a study has found.

The 'txt2stop' trial tested the effects of the text messages designed to encourage quitting on almost 3,000 smokers.

Participants were twice as likely to banish their habit as another group sent texts unrelated to smoking.

Inmate killed in jail escape

A Washington state prison inmate was shot dead by a guard during an escape attempt that involved a man convicted of wounding seven people during a 2005 mall rampage.

Dominick Maldonado, an inmate at the Clallam Bay Corrections Centre, had taken a corrections officer hostage with a pair of scissors.

At the same time, another inmate drove a forklift out the doors of a work area and into a prison fence. A corrections officer shot and killed the 25-year-old driver, who was serving 45 years for murder.

Dad dumps his son (4) on road

A DAD threw his four-year-old son out of his car along a cactus-lined road in Texas where he spent several hours alone in the dark before a motorist picked him up.

A police spokesman said Carlos Rico stopped his car along a road and "threw the boy out of the car like a bag of garbage".

He said the injured boy was picked up by a motorist and taken to a hospital, where doctors removed at least 500 cactus spines from the child's body.