Sunday 20 January 2019

Boy (17) cut pupil's arm with art knife in classroom spat

A TEENAGER, who slashed a classmate's arm with an art knife when a school row got out of control, is to take part in a crime diversion programme.

The 17-year-old had pleaded guilty at the Children's Court to assault causing harm, at a south Dublin secondary school, on a date in May last year.

A probation report and a victim impact statement was sought by the court last month.

The case resumed yesterday where Judge Ann Ryan ordered an adjournment for four weeks to allow the probation and welfare service to prepare a "family conference" report.

This involves drafting a crime diversion plan of tasks to be completed by the teen over a six month period, which could lead to him being being spared a criminal conviction.

Garda Ciaran O'Mahony had told Judge Ryan that the boy and the teenage victim had been let into an art room in the school to prepare for an exam.

"A slagging match took place," the garda had told the court adding that the boy picked up a scalpel, which he described as an art knife, and made a "threatening gesture."

Garda Mahony had said that the victim "tried to grab it and in doing this he was cut deeply across his left arm."

Defence solicitor Adrian Lennon had said that the incident started with slagging but then "escalated and got out of control".

He had also asked the court to note that the boy had not intended to injure his classmate.

Judge Ryan had noted that the defendant had no prior criminal convictions. She had also said the victim suffered "very severe trauma."

"Obviously there is scarring but the functioning of his arm is much more important, hopefully things will resolve themselves," she had said.


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