Sunday 17 December 2017

Boxing champ jailed over machete in car

CAUGHT: Nunchuks also found

A DUBLIN boxing champion who had a machete and nunchuks in his car when it was searched by gardai has been jailed for possession of weapons.

Ian Tims (30) was sentenced to four months in prison by a judge who said she did not believe he had a reasonable excuse.

Tims had insisted he confiscated the weapons in the course of his job as a pub bouncer and forgot to take them out of his car.

Judge Catherine Murphy found the defendant, of Greenfort Avenue, Clondalkin, guilty of two counts of unlawful possession of weapons at Clifden Road, Ballyfermot, on December 7, 2008.

Tims, a former three-times national amateur champion who recently turned professional, had denied the charges.

Dublin District Court heard gardai became suspicious when they saw Tims exiting a roundabout at speed, before parking erratically.

He seemed nervous and agitated when gardai spoke to him and they decided to carry out a drugs search of his car.

No drugs were found but the nunchuks and machete were.


Tims told the court he had seized the nunchuks a week earlier while working on the door of the 79 Inn in Ballyfermot. He said a row had happened and a man left, then returned to the scene intoxicated and carrying the weapon.

"A row had kicked off and I just threw them in the car and I never thought any more of it," the defendant said. "It was in the pouch in the passenger side door. I intended to dispose of it and I forgot." He had been given the machete a few days earlier, he said.

In cross-examination, the defendant denied speeding or acting in an agitated manner when gardai approached him.

He denied telling gardai he had got the nunchuks two years earlier on the door of Finches Pub in Ronanstown, saying he had never worked there.

He said it was rare that he would seize such items in the course of his former job. Defence Barrister Barry Ward argued that the gardai were not entitled to search the accused on the night.

He said there was no evidence that the accused had any intent to commit an offence with the items.

Judge Murphy said she was satisfied that the gardai had reasonable cause to search Tims on the night.


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