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Boxer jailed for smashing up uncle's house

A BOXER who smashed the windows of his grand-uncle's house while three "terrified" children were inside has been jailed for six months.

A court was told Martin Stokes (25) carried out the attack because of a dispute over the outcome of a fight he had had with one of the householder's sons.

Stokes, with an address at Old Castle Park Green, Clondalkin, had pleaded not guilty to producing an implement while committing criminal damage. The incident happened at Woodford Heights, Clondalkin on May 29 last year.

He did not go into evidence, but his defence maintained that his grand-uncle had lied in order to 'frame' him.

The victim, Michael Stokes (49), a father of 10, told Blanchardstown District Court he had been sitting at the kitchen table with his wife when he heard glass smashing at the front of the house.

His 15-year-old daughter began screaming and his young sons aged 10 and 11 were "absolutely terrified".

He went into the sitting room and saw Stokes with a slash hook "smashing the windows".



He alleged that he had been harassed since a boxing match in Slane in which one of his sons and the accused had fought. He said the outcome "didn't suit" the defendant, who had wanted a rematch.

Defence solicitor Simon Fleming asked the witness if there was "some bad blood".

He replied: "This fist fight had nothing to do with me, my wife or my kids."

Mr Fleming put it to the witness that there had been an earlier incident on the day in which his nephew Brian Stokes's caravan was rammed by a car while a disabled child was inside.

Michael Stokes replied that he was not aware that members of his family had been accused of this.

Mr Fleming put it to Michael Stokes that someone had come to his house to retaliate for this and he was putting the accused "in the frame" for it.

The witness denied this, adding there was footage of his family being threatened on YouTube.

Mr Fleming asked Judge David McHugh not to accept Michael Stokes as a credible witness. Judge McHugh said he was satisfied with the evidence offered by the State.