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Boss at Australian building development abused gardai

AN Irish project manager on one of Australia's biggest building developments was arrested for public order offences on a night out in Dublin on his return home for Christmas, a court heard.

RYAN Moran (30) hurled abuse at gardai as they dealt with an incident outside a nightclub in the city centre.

He was left without convictions after he admitted charges and made a €100 charity donation.

Moran, of Hazel Close, Bay Estate, Dundalk, was charged with causing a breach of the peace and failing to obey garda directions.

Dublin District Court heard gardai were on duty at Harcourt Street at 3.40am on December 12 when they came across Moran.


He was shouting and was directed to leave the area. Around 20 minutes later, he was involved in an incident outside another club and the prosecuting garda again told him to leave the area.

Moran, who was with his brother, became verbally abusive and was arrested and brought to Pearse Street Garda Station.

Moran, who was from Dundalk, was resident in Australia and had come home for Christmas, his solicitor Joe Coonan said.

He was on a night out with his brother and had drink taken. Moran had been working as project manager on the Perth Arena in Australia. He was due to go back to Australia next week.

Judge Cormac Dunne struck the charges out after Moran made a €100 donation to the Capuchin Day Centre