Sunday 19 January 2020

Avoiding conviction will cost drunk pharmacy worker €150

Court was told Megan O’Driscoll had ‘clearly overindulged’
Court was told Megan O’Driscoll had ‘clearly overindulged’

A concert-goer became violent after gardai arrested her for being "argumentative" with doormen at a pub from which she had been ejected.

Megan O'Driscoll (24) had come to Dublin for a gig when she was arrested for the drunken episode in the city centre.

O'Driscoll, a pharmacy technician from Knocknaheeny Avenue, Cork, pleaded guilty to public intoxication and threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour.

She also admitted violent behaviour in a garda station.

Judge Colin Daly adjourned the case and said he would apply the Probation Act, leaving her without convictions, if she paid €150 to charity.

Dublin District Court heard gardai were on duty at Harcourt Street on December 10 when they were flagged down by security staff at a licensed premises.


The accused had been ejected and was being aggressive.

She was arrested, and her behaviour continued while she was in custody at Harcourt Street Station.

O'Driscoll had no previous convictions, the court heard.

She had been diagnosed with a disorder and had not been drinking for a number of months before the incident, defence solicitor Rachel Finn said.

The accused thought it would be all right to have a few drinks at the concert, but "clearly overindulged".

She did not remember what had happened, was extremely embarrassed by her behaviour and "mortified" to be in court, Ms Finn said.

Convictions would be devastating for the accused's career in the health industry.

Adjourning the case, the judge told O'Driscoll: "Let that be a lesson to you. Alcohol is not your friend."

He said she was excused from attending on the next date if the money was paid.

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