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Angry patient smashed counter in medical centre


Charlie McDonagh

Charlie McDonagh

Charlie McDonagh

A patient smashed a counter at a medical centre because of "some argument" over his prescription, a court heard.

Charlie McDonagh (23) was arrested and became so violent in the station that gardai had to strike him with batons to subdue him.

Judge Cormac Dunne gave him a seven-month suspended sentence after he admitted causing a breach of the peace and violent behaviour in a garda station. Dublin District Court heard the incident happened at Darndale Health Centre on March 4 last.

The court heard the accused, a father-of-two from Tara Lawns, Belcamp Lane, became highly abusive and violent in the reception, damaging the top of the counter.

Asked by Judge Dunne how the counter was damaged, a garda replied: "No implement was involved."

The accused "seemed to have some issue" at the time.

He was pointed out to gardai and taken to Coolock Garda Station, where he continued to be violent.


He kicked out and punched at a garda sergeant while he was being placed in a cell, and threatened he would "burst" anyone who came into the cell.

Gardai had to strike him with a baton in the cell before he became compliant, the court was told.

McDonagh suffered from depression and was in the medical centre looking for a prescription for medication when "an argument of some description arose", a garda said.

He became quite agitated as a result - and has since apologised for his behaviour.

The accused was on social welfare, grew up in Mayo and had no problems with drugs or drink, his lawyer said, adding: "He is very sorry for the incident. He has offered money for the damage and understands it shouldn't have happened."

Judge Dunne said: "The damage wasn't really the issue here, it's the abuse to the staff and people who were only trying to do their jobs."

The charges against the defendant were under Section 6 and 15 of the Public Order Act.