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Ana 'wasn't liked because she was different', trial is told


14-year-old schoolgirl Ana Kriegel's body was discovered at this derelict house in Clonee, Lucan last year

14-year-old schoolgirl Ana Kriegel's body was discovered at this derelict house in Clonee, Lucan last year

Colin Keegan

14-year-old schoolgirl Ana Kriegel's body was discovered at this derelict house in Clonee, Lucan last year

A boy accused of murdering Ana Kriegel told garda interviewers that he thought of her as a "weirdo" and she wasn't liked because she was "different", a trial heard.

Boy B also said that Boy A was "weird, not a rational thinker".

Asked by gardai if Boy A was a goth, Boy B said "no, he's more strange".

The teen further told gardai that Boy A was "not really my friend since what happened".

Boy B said he had called for Ana because he was asked to do so by Boy A.

He initially refused but Boy A started "whingeing" and saying "please, please" and he had agreed to do so.

Questioned by gardai if he had asked Boy A why he wanted him to call to Ana's house, Boy B said Boy A told him "relationship problems".


He said Ana had a crush on Boy A and he did not want to be in a relationship with her.

Boy B also said Boy A had lied and a garda told him that Boy A had said he had not asked him to call for her.

The two youths, aged 13 at the time, have pleaded not guilty before the Central Criminal Court to the murder of Ana (14) at Glenwood House, Laraghcon, Clonee Road, in Lucan, on May 14 last year.

One of the boys, Boy A, has also denied a charge of aggravated sexual assault.

It is the prosecution case that Boy B "lured" Ana to the derelict farmhouse and watched as the other boy sexually assaulted and murdered her.

Yesterday, the jury members continued to watch the video footage of interviews which gardai conducted with Boy B at Finglas Garda Station on May 24, 2018.

Present during the interviews were Boy B, his mother, his solicitor David Powderly, Detective Garda Donal Daly and Detective Sergeant (now Inspector) Damien Gannon.

Mr Justice Paul McDermott told the jury to bear in mind that anything Boy B said in his interviews with gardai about Boy A could not be used in the prosecution case against Boy A.

During the interviews, Boy B told gardai he called to Ana's house and when she came to the door she asked him what he wanted.

"I replied '[Boy A] wants to see you'," he said.

"Once I said that she got her clothes, shoes and mobile phone and came out the door with me."

Boy B said that Ana's face "lightened up" when he told her Boy A wanted to see her.

He told gardai that as he and Ana walked through the park gates she showed him a photograph on her mobile phone. It was an image of Ana strapped to a chair with duct tape.

"It was a really scary photo," he said.

Boy B said Ana told him she'd not shown it to anyone else, and he did not know why she had shown it to him.

Boy B was aware there was CCTV in the park, and he pointed out three areas to gardai where he said there were cameras.

Boy B further said that Boy A "seemed surprised to see me" when he met him in the park.

Boy B said he and Ana were walking toward the spot where he had arranged to meet Boy A when he saw somebody all in black walking in front of them.

The person turned and it was Boy A.

Boy B said Boy A was wearing all black clothes and army boots, as well as black gloves, and he had a black backpack.

Boy B said he was with them for a couple of minutes until he started dropping back to give them space.

Boy B said he then told them "I'm gone, see yous" and Boy A turned around and said "I'll see you".

Asked by gardai why Boy A did not go to Ana's house, Boy B said his guess was that he [Boy A] was "too shy" or he "didn't want to be seen with her in public".

Boy B said that some people who had been asked out by Ana got "negative backlash".

During the second interview, gardai asked Boy B to describe Ana Kriegel.

Boy B said Ana was not liked and she was "outcasted" because she was "different" and "weird".

He said she was taller and more mature than other girls, and her breasts, posture and hips had developed more than other girls.

She was a "lonely and sad person" and had been through depression quite a bit, he said.

Boy B said Ana was a goth and dressed all in black, usually in "slutty clothes", like tight trousers, short shorts and T-shirts.

She was also antisocial, had dyed her hair and wore "so much make-up".


"If you asked her to hang out she'd probably say no," Boy B said.

Asked what he thought of her, Boy B said he "thought of her as a weirdo. Someone I shouldn't be around".

The court also heard that Boy B had visited a house he called the "abandoned house" with Boy A last year [2017].

The place was "really thrashed", he said, and was a "disaster piece".

Boy B said they had gone in the back door, into a room which he was sure was the kitchen.

He said that everything was broken and trashed, and there was dust and dirt on the ground.

Boy B described the house as a two-storey building and it was "really old".

He said he had visited the house "last year", some time around the end of the year.

The trial continues before Mr Justice McDermott and a jury of eight men and four women.