Friday 22 February 2019

'Alien DNA' was found at murder scene, says Bailey

Ian Bailey
Ian Bailey

British freelance journalist Ian Bailey has claimed DNA was found at the murder scene of Sophie Toscan du Plantier (39) in 1996 which belonged to neither him nor the French film executive.

Mr Bailey (60) made the claim as he revealed that he had to learn about the so-called alien DNA from the case file prepared by a French magistrate against him for a Paris-based murder prosecution.

That trial is now expected to take place either later this year or early next year.

The Manchester- born journalist has demanded answers as to whether the DNA found at the murder scene was ever tested or compared against Irish or international databases.


He said he had volunteered various samples to gardai at the time, assured they would fully underline his innocence to the authorities. These even included hair samples.

"My hope - or my prayer, if you will - is that the identity of the real murderer is revealed," he said.

Mr Bailey said he does not have any idea as to the true identity of the killer, but said he was "startled" by one element of the French investigation file.

"I received the entire French prosecution file and I went through it," he said.

"Quite clearly, the prosecution is based on statements that are false or have been withdrawn."

He said he was taken aback on reading the crime scene report for the first time.

"I got all of the forensic details. There were over 100 different blood samples collected at the scene. The vast majority of those were from Ms du Plantier," he said.

"But there was, according to the file, what was known as alien DNA - not her DNA.

"Quite clearly that did not match my DNA because I had given samples and they could check it against it."

Mr Bailey said he was astounded by the revelation and that the French were also relying so heavily on material already discredited in Ireland.

He said he has endured "a nightmare and torture" through being wrongly associated for more than 20 years with the killing of the French mother-of-one at her isolated holiday home at Toormore, outside Schull, on December 23, 1996.

Mr Bailey has also confirmed a challenge to the European Court of Human Rights after he lost his appeal to the French Supreme Court against the Paris prosecution.

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