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Abuse of gardai is blamed on bat attack

A YOUNG man arrested for hurling abuse at gardai was "frustrated" because they were not investigating an incident in which he had been chased by a man wielding a baseball bat.

Christopher Rankin (20) was the injured party rather than the protagonist in an incident that officers came across in the south city, Dublin District Court heard.

Judge John O'Neill said he would leave him without a conviction if he made a €100 charity donation.

Rankin, of Smock Alley, Essex Street, admitted a charge of causing a breach of the peace in the incident on the South Circular Road.

The court heard gardai on patrol in Rialto on July 28 came across "the aftermath" of a public order incident. While they were dealing with it, the accused became abusive.

Rankin had had "some frustrations" at the time because he had been pursued by "an individual with a baseball bat". This person was still at the scene and the gardai had not seen what had happened.

"He was the injured party rather than the protagonist and he got upset", solicitor Yvonne Bambury said. Judge O'Neill said he was taking the accused's guilty plea into account and remanded him on continuing bail to September 22.