Tuesday 16 January 2018

Court case highlights divisive issue

BERNadette Forde was suffering from severe multiple sclerosis and wanted to travel to the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland to end her life. That plan failed, but she died at home in 2011 after taking a lethal does of barbiturates ordered online.

Ms Forde's friend Gail O'Rorke was yesterday acquitted of attempting to assist her suicide by helping her in her bid to travel to Switzerland.

Right-to-die campaigners argue that an individual should be allowed to end their own lives if they have a terminal illness that has ruined the quality of their lives or to avoid a painful death.

Those against warn that a person may be pressured into suicide or may take the decision because they fear they have become a burden.

Many also oppose euthanasia due to strongly held religious beliefs.

Two Irish people have travelled to Dignitas to end their lives since 2011, according to its records.

Euthanasia is a highly divisive issue that is not going to go away.

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