Thursday 20 September 2018

Couple used in 'No' campaign said to be 'appalled' by posters


The family whose picture is used to illustrate posters for the 'No' campaign in the upcoming same-sex marriage referendum, today said they were "surprised and upset" when they became aware of the posters.

The couple, who do not wish to be named, released a statement via Amnesty International this morning after their friend, Australian comedian Adam Hills, said they were "appalled" that their picture was being used in a campaign they did not agree with.

The couple explained that they had the shots taken in 2014 by their friend free of charge who then used them in their personal portfolio.

"No money was exchanged - we got nice photos for free, they got nice images for their portfolio," the couple, who are expecting their second baby later this summer, said.

"As part of this, we agreed to let them upload them to a stock photo album. We knew that these were available for purchase and we gave permission.


"Perhaps naively, we imagined that on the off chance that if any was ever selected, it might be for a small magazine or website.

"To confirm, we have not received any money for the photo - then or now, and nor do we expect any."

They go on to say that they were "surprised and upset to see that the photo was being used as part of a campaign with which we do not agree".

"We completely support same-sex marriage and we believe that same-sex couples' should of course be able to adopt, as we believe that they are equally able to provide children with much-needed love and care.

"To suggest otherwise is offensive to us and many others. We would have expected that for a campaign like this, Mothers & Fathers Matter might have sought out images of people who represent their views."

Mothers and Fathers Matter, who own the posters, today said: "We're just worried that next week Colm O'Gorman [of Amnesty International] will be shocked and appalled as he discovers the family in the Coke ads actually likes Pepsi."


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