Tuesday 12 December 2017

Couple get the water back on - for 3 weeks

A Dublin couple who had the water turned off in their rented apartment have had it temporarily restored for three weeks.

Gwen Jensen, who lives in a Dublin 1 apartment, said they were finding life intolerable without water at their home for more than a week.

"We were called last Wednesday to say the water was being switched back on and we were so happy.

"We then got a call from our solicitor to say that it was only being switched back on as a gesture of good will and not to get too excited," Ms Jensen said.

She arrived home from holiday on July 15, to discover her water had been switched off but did not know why.


Ms Jensen then found a solicitor's letter addressed to the occupier of her Dublin 1 apartment explaining that the water was to be switched off.

The water was turned off over a dispute between the landlord of Ms Jensen's apartment and the management company responsible for the complex.

"We're the third party here and don't know what is going on or when anything will be sorted.

"We're happy but in three weeks time what will we do?" she asked.

"We are sitting on the edge, three weeks will fly and in the meantime we'll have to get a big barrel to fill," she added.

They were eight days without water before it was temporarily restored.

Ms Jensen's solicitor told the Herald that he received an email on behalf of the management firm last week.

It stated that, "they were giving the tenants three weeks to allow the landlord come to an agreement with the management company," he said.

"And it said that if an agreement isn't reached 'services will be withdrawn again,'" said Neil McThreanlamh, of Lay Litigation Ireland.

Meanwhile the solicitor has prepared papers to file to the High Court on Ms Jensen's behalf.

He said they would take a case against the management company on constitutional grounds, particularly the right to life.

The management company declined to comment on the matter for legal reasons.



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