Saturday 18 November 2017

Country singer Megan (25) a hit with Hollywood's A-listers

Country singer Megan O'Neill has revealed how it was a dream come true when one of her original songs featured on hit American show Nashville.

The Kildare musician (25), who is a self-confessed "big fan" of the award- winning series, admitted she was shocked when she discovered her song Don't You was picked to feature on an episode late last year.


"In December, before we even had anything released, we pitched the record to the producers and they loved it and used one of the songs in an episode," she told the Herald.

"It was a bit unexpected."

The rising star first became a fan of the show when she moved to the American city to pursue her music dream when she finished college.

"I lived in Nashville for about two years and the TV show actually came out when I was there," she explained.

"I used to watch it and think 'I can't believe I live here, this is so weird'.

"I definitely got a bit hooked to it."

The young songstress, who is releasing her debut EP, Coming Home, next month, is proving to be a hit in the States among A-listers, with Hollywood director JJ Abrams (inset) inviting her to perform at his star studded Oscar Wilde party in February.

"It was insane," Megan said. "We [her band] had the best time at it.

"We got to meet JJ and other people like Carrie Fisher and Stephen Fry were all having drinks at the same bar. It was very weird."

The psychology graduate teamed up with fellow Irish musician Gavin James to surprise the celebrity crowd with a last-minute duet.

"We randomly decided that we should do a duet together.

"We both knew U2's With Or Without You so we sang that at the end of the night," a delighted Megan said.


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