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Council warns on plague of rats in Dublin park


Brown rat

Brown rat

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Brown rat

EFFORTS are continuing to combat a rat infestation in the vicinity of Willsbrook Park in Lucan.

The HSE and South Dublin County Council erected warning signs, laid poison, and undertaken an ongoing clean-up of the area.

The local Sarsfields GAA club was forced to suspend matches at the public park on public health grounds after a number of rats were seen in the vicinity.

A new council report on the problem blamed illegal dumping as well as construction work for the increased visibility and presence of rats locally.

"Recent works on the development of a local road cycle scheme and vegetation thinning is certainly likely to have displaced the existing rat population and given rise to more sightings in areas where they were previously undetected," the report stated.


"The council is conscious of the current increased presence of rats and the issue is being addressed with the assistance of the HSE. To date the HSE has laid rat bait and the council has undertaken clean-ups.

"Further treatments have recently been applied in the central woodland area.

"Residents can assist by refraining from throwing litter or leaving food in areas. Where residents have witnessed dumping they can report the matter to the litter warden service," said the report.