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Council to set up high-density bike parks for cyclists

High-density bicycle parking is being introduced in the capital to keep up with the growing number of cyclists commuting to work.

Dublin City Council is spearheading the plan in order to reach its 2020 target of having between 25 and 30pc of traffic comprised of cyclists.

Drury Street car-park is to house around 600 secure bicycle parking spaces under the new plan, and other possible locations include Clerys car-park on Marlborough Street.

The Drury Street car-park will have a two-level rack to maximise the spaces for the secure parking of bikes.

There are now approximately 10,000 people commuting into the capital on bikes every day, the highest level since Dublin City Council starting keeping records.

A company will be hired by the council to oversee the plan. Part of their responsibilities will include coming up with an overall strategy for the bicycle parking, as well as managing it in the future and ensuring bikes are secure in the new locations.

The company will undertake a study of cycling trends in the city, deciding from where the most bikes travel and where the demand for parking is.


The canal areas will also be mapped as will areas like Ranelagh, Rathmines and Rathgar where a high number of cycling commuters travel into the city on a daily basis.

Similar to the electronic signposts around the city, bicycle parking signage in real-time is also being considered.

Commuters will be able to work out where there are spaces in bike parks before they arrive in the city.

Other areas in the city being looked at for high-density bike parking include Trinity College and in busy tourist and retail areas.

Another plan being proposed involves Cycle-Points, which are popular in European cities.

Cyclists have access to bike hubs near to train and bus stations where manned bike parks are located complete with a repair shop.