Friday 15 December 2017

Council ready to ease limits in 30kph zone

The city's controversial 30kph limit looks set to be lifted from certain parts of the capital by the new year.

The move comes as a report from the city council's Transport Policy Committee found that the areas from the quays from Capel St Bridge to the Four Courts, along with Winetavern Street, should be given the extended speed limit of 50kph.

The 30kph zone is to stay in place in the other areas where it has been introduced, including the rest of the quays, from Capel Street to Tara Street, and parts of St Stephen's Green.

Council members who have been strongly divided on the issue agreed at last night's monthly city council meeting to send out the proposed changes to public consultation, as it involves changing the city council's bye-laws.

In an unrecorded vote, which involved councillors raising their hands rather than by roll call, 29 members, including all of the Labour Party councillors, Fianna Fail, some independents and the majority of Fine Gael, voted in favour of sending out the revised 30kph zone to the public for feedback.

The remainder, including Fine Gael's Bill Tormey, People Before Profit and some independents, abstained.

A final decision on whether the 30kph zone stays in place as it is now will be made early next year.

Chairman of the city council's Transport Committee, Councillor Andrew Montague, told the Herald that the report found that in most places, such as Batchelor's Walk, the speed limit was working very effectively but that the change was needed in less pedestrianised streets.

The report also found that overall speed has been reduced by one kilometre an hour.


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