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Council order tracking alert on entire fleet

DUBLIN city bosses have ordered the placing of tracking devices on the entire council fleet to enable them to fully monitor the use of vehicles.

Council vehicles will be fitted out with tracking devices which will alert management as to their whereabouts.

The system will initially be rolled out across the drainage and wastewater divisions before being extended to the entire fleet.

The move means that council bosses can monitor the use of the vehicles by staff members across a number of sections.

In a notice issued to council workers, seen by the Herald, the council claims the move is being taken to "improve efficiency and productivity".

"It will track the use of vehicles and service delivery and measure value for money. It will also improve the security and health and safety of staff," the notice says.

Details of the system have been communicated to trade unions as part of terms under The Croke Park Agreement.


Drivers will receive guidelines as to how the system will operate. Those tasked with managing the tracking system will undergo training prior to it being rolled out.

Independent councillor Damian O'Farrell said it is important staff members do not feel they are being "unfairly watched" by their bosses.

"While I welcome measures that boost efficiency and save money within DCC, I personally would be somewhat anxious about this type of monitoring which has the potential to damage staff morale.

"If it is to be introduced it's crucial that management consult with the trade unions involved and make sure that staff are treated in a fair manner," he told the Herald.

"It is vital that management receive the proper training in dealing with this type of monitoring and that there are proper checks and balances in place both for staff and management."

The council was unable to provide a comment in time for going to press.