Wednesday 16 January 2019

Cost of just one hospital bed rises to f331k a year

THE average cost for an inpatient bed in a public hospital now stands at a staggering €331,000 a year.

It costs around €909 per bed day in a public hospital -- this figure involves the average cost of the patient's care, which includes accommodation as well as treatment bills.

The costs quoted relate to the inpatient stay only and specifically exclude outpatient, emergency department and day-case costs.

The average cost has been calculated from 39 hospitals who submit costings to the HSE.

Based on an average cost of €909 per bed day, the average annual cost for a bed -- assuming 100pc occupancy -- in a public hospital for a year is €331,785, according to the HSE figures.

However, the costs exclude depreciation and capital costs, according to the HSE.

The information was supplied to TD Caoimhghin O Caolain, who had sought information on the average annual cost of a public bed in an acute hospital.

The matter had been referred to the national casemix programme for a response. There are currently 39 acute hospitals in the programme which account for almost €5bn of health spending and over 5.3 million patient episodes across all treatment areas.

The taxpayer picks up most of the bill for the nightly cost of a public hospital bed, and if the patient does not have a medical card, he or she pays no more than €75 a day.


In its national service plan for 2011, the HSE said that challenging service level targets have been set for this year.

According to its figures, hospital activity levels will target a 2pc reduction in inpatient activity to be offset by a 3pc increase in day cases leading to a modest increase in total hospital care.

Its plan said the implementation of national programmes such as the acute medicine and surgical programmes will be needed to support the delivery of these targets in 2011.

The HSE figures showed there will be a modest increase in homecare levels, with 11.98 million hours of home-help in line with 2010 target levels, and approximately an additional 580 people in receipt of homecare packages.


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