Saturday 16 December 2017

Cosgrave snubs Late Late after week of controversy


WEB Summit co-founder Paddy Cosgrave has snubbed the Late Late Show after a week of controversy that saw him clash with the Government over the reasons for the event's move to Lisbon next year.

Ryan Tubridy visited the event yesterday, unaware that Mr Cosgrave would not be appearing on the show tonight.

However, a Web Summit spokesman last night confirmed that 32-year-old tech guru has pulled out of the planned interview.

Mr Cosgrave will attend a Web Summit dinner for tech company founders instead, the spokesman said.


RTE told the media that Mr Cosgrave would appear on two occasions in recent days - first on Wednesday and again last night when they announced other guests including stars from Channel 4's Gogglebox and comedian Des Bishop.

"Web Summit founder and CEO Paddy Cosgrave will give his definitive account of his ongoing dispute with the Government," an RTE statement said.

Mr Cosgrave's snub came as a surprise to Late Late Show staff.

"As far as they were concerned he was all set to appear on the show," a Montrose source said.

"Ryan went down to familiarise himself with the set-up and to prep for his interview. He assumed everything was on track.

"He didn't get the chance to meet Paddy as he was busy with the deputy prime minister of Portugal.

"It was disappointing as Paddy had a few questions to answer.

"Ryan would have given him a fair hearing. The team will have another fantastic guest on the show."

An RTE spokesman later said that Mr Cosgrave had "confirmed in writing" that he would appear earlier in the week.

"It is Mr Cosgrave's right to decide that he no longer wants to appear... The spot remains open should he change his mind," the spokesman said.

Tubridy expressed admiration for Web Summit organisers and Mr Cosgrave at the event yesterday.

"They're living in a world where ambition, creativity and cajones are considered admirable and celebrated," he said.

"We're a nation of wing-clippers. Honestly if we see wings spanning out too much, we'll clip them, and I think they're suffering from that."

Tubridy said he previously told Mr Cosgrave that he feels moving the event to Portugal will be a mistake, saying that Dublin is "the real x-factor of the event".

"But they've done the maths, they're the experts, I'm not. I do wish them well."

Blockbuster author Dan Brown - who wrote The Da Vinci Code - was the star attraction at the last day of the summit.

He told an audience how he walked around the RDS beforehand and wasn't recognised.

"I pulled on a baseball cap and walked around, and thought 'This is incredible'... My agent thought, 'This is terrible - nobody knows who you are'," he added.

Footballer Rio Ferdinand and Rugby Legend Brian O'Driscoll also addressed attendees, giving them advice on the do's and don'ts of social media.

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