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Coronas' new album is about Laura and Danny's break-up

CORONAS' frontman Danny O'Reilly has revealed that the band's upcoming album is a break-up record written in the aftermath of his high-profile split with Laura Whitmore.

And Danny said that the writing process helped with heartache.

"The lyrics were really therapeutic. I could never write a song about politics- it's not something I'm comfortable with," he said.

"Writing about [the break-up] was good for me. I've always been an honest songwriter."


The pair dated for several years before parting ways in 2012. And now that the record is set for release, the 28-year-old knows it will re-start all of the chatter about their relationship again.

The media spotlight was heavily focused on the young couple during their romance but he has said that he refuses to make the same mistake again.

"I was a little too open about my personal life - too willing to talk about it," he admitted.

"With future relationships, I definitely won't be naming names - saying this person or that person is great," he warned.

The band's debut album Heroes and Ghosts was also written in a similar vein.

"Nobody cared, because I was breaking up with somebody nobody knew," he told a Sunday newspaper.

The Coronas are hoping to break into the UK market with their latest offering after signing with Island Records in London earlier this year.

Though they are hugely successful at home and are due to play to the 3Arena again next year, it hasn't been an easy road for the four-piece.

They started out in smaller venues and he recalled playing in Whelan's in Dublin to a grand total of three people.

The star generously told his bandmates to head off and watch Ireland play France in the football.