Friday 15 December 2017

Coronas delighted to sign a deal with U2's label

LAURA Whitmore's ex is tipped for major UK success after being signed to the same label as U2.

Lead singer Danny O'Reilly (28) is singing for joy after they nabbed a coveted contract with Island Records in what should propel them into the major leagues.

The 'Addicted to Progress' stars had been living in London for two years in a bid to crack the scene before they got the deal.

"We've been very lucky. This year has gone very well for us," he said.

"Since we moved to London things are starting to move along. We actually got some great news in the last couple of weeks. We signed to a major label over here called Island Records, who are brilliant.

"It's a good moment for us. It doesn't guarantee anything, it's not the be all and end all having a major label, but it's the reason we came over here."

The four-strong Dublin band has been together over 10 years and have released three studio albums, with a fourth due to hit the shelves later this year.

And Danny, whose mum is singer Mary Black, said they were particularly happy that the label wants to release their new material.


"We wanted to try and take things to the next level and, fingers crossed, with the next album coming out before the end of the year we can do that," he told Ryan Tubridy on 2fm

"Island are a really great label. We met them a couple of times and they seem to be into the stuff and they're signing us on the back of the new album which is good.

"They're not looking to release the back catalogue so it means they're sort of treating us as a new band over here, which is what we wanted really."

Made up of bandmates Danny, Conor Egan, Dave McPhillips and Graham Knox, the Coronas are one of Ireland's best-known bands.

They have previously supported Paul McCartney, The Script and Justin Timberlake in the Phoenix Park, playing to 40,000 fans.


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