Friday 17 November 2017

Coppers mystery solved as missing father steps forward

The Copper Face Jacks mystery father has been found.

After just over a week of searching, the nurse who became pregnant after a one-night stand with a man she met at the infamous nightspot has spoken to her baby's father.

The woman who only revealed her name as “Roisin” had appealed for the public's help in tracing the Birmingham man after private detectives failed to find to him.

The pair had a brief encounter at the club and a subsequent house party in Rathmines in April 2007. But after a night of passion, he left saying he had to go to football training.

And in January Roisin gave birth to a baby girl. In a final desperate bid to tell the man that he is a father, the woman enlisted the help to Today FM presenter Ray D'Arcy. At first she said her only memory of the man is that he was tall, in his mid-20s and from Birmingham but living in Dublin.

However, in recent days, a man contacted Today FM to say he may be the father.

According to Ray he “ticked a lot of boxes” so they returned to Roisin to see if they could confirm his details.

A number of hoax callers had contacted both this newspaper and the radio show, but a mystery medical condition was the piece of information that eventually brought the pair together.

Roisin told how her one-night stand had certain medical condition, which he also described when speaking to the show's producers.

The couple haven't met yet, however they have spoken and Roisin says he sounded like a good guy. A delighted Ray D'Arcy said today that: “It's all good.”

In recent days, the search appeared to be winding down without success but earlier this week the presenter told the Herald that they were “following up on a number of leads”.

“This is the biggest thing that we've ever had coming through the programme. It's not like reuniting two people who met on a train.”


Today he wished the best of luck to the pair and said he hoped they would find happiness for themselves and the baby.

“My intention is to let him know that he has a daughter and to see how things go from there,” Roisin said.

The one-night stand took place on either April 20 or 21 last year, which was a Friday or Saturday night.

The pair shared a taxi from Copper Face Jacks on Harcourt Street to a house party in Rathmines and spent the night together. The Coppers' fling story was the talk of offices around the country and sparked huge controversy on internet forums across Ireland and the UK.

Users were torn between supporting the woman's search for the baby's father, and outrage that she was brazen enough to air her dirty laundry on the national radio. One popular Irish site received almost 400 comments about Roisin's antics.

One poster wrote: “If a woman is engaging in such activity, she should be more careful in terms of protection, or in terms of knowing a certain amount about the man, for her own safety.”

However, another argued: “Just reading some of the replies here, and it's really shocking. A paedophile might not have been slated as much as she has been here.”

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