Wednesday 13 December 2017

Convicted criminal Leroy Dumbrell met Willie Maughan at filling station before he went missing, court told

Leroy Dumbrell
Leroy Dumbrell
Anna Varslavane and Willie Maughan

A MAN facing an assault charge, as well as threatening to kill a garda and a witness in a murder case, has succeeded in a High Court application for bail on the basis that he is innocent unless proven guilty.

Leroy Dumbrell (29), also referred to as Leroy Roche, from Emmet Road in Inchicore, successfully argued for bail despite opinions from gardai that he posed a threat to witnesses in his upcoming trials and had already broken curfew conditions set in the past.

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Det Gda Ronan McMorrow gave evidence in front of Judge Michael Moriarty that Dumbrell, who has been in custody following a previous revoking of his bail, had been seen at a filling station in Meath outside his curfew time of 7pm with a man named Willie Maughan on March 11 this year. This was based on CCTV evidence.

In an unrelated matter Mr Maughan disappeared around a month later with his partner. Gardai fear they have been murdered.

Anna Varslavane and Willie Maughan

Anna Varslavane and Willie Maughan


Det Gda McMorrow also told the court that on another occasion Dumbrell was not at home at 2.15am when he should have been.

In a third incident Dumbrell  was said to have been seen running from a pharmacy at 7.10pm on March 27 this year in the direction of Emmet Road when he should have been at home.

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Counsel for Dumbrell, John Berry, argued that in relation to the filling station no CCTV evidence had been presented and the time stamp on it could not be vouched as accurate.

He also said that Dumbrell  had been in hospital after a suspected drug overdose on the date he was not home at 2.15am.


Mr Berry said that while Dumbrell’s curfew was 7pm, at the time he was seen at the pharmacy at 7.10pm he was running in the direction of home and was there two minutes later.

A woman who was

allegedly threatened by Dumbrell appeared in court to say she felt she would be “dead in a matter of weeks or months” if he got bail.

“I know I’m safe while he’s in custody. With him in custody I know I’ll live another day,” she said.

Det Gda McMorrow gave evidence that he was threatened by Dumbrell and objected to bail saying the accused knew his personal vehicle, and was a serious criminal who associated with known criminals who have murdered.

In his ruling, Judge Michael Moriarty said he would grant bail to Dumbrell because the law allows him the presumption of innocence unless proven guilty, and then agreed estimated time before the three charges that he is facing could be dealt with could extend to 18 months or two years.

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He added that there was a considerable level of hearsay concerning the evidence in relation to Dumbrell’s alleged curfew breaches.

Dumbrell is expected to be released once the bail conditions are met.

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