Tuesday 12 December 2017

Conspiracy theories fed to Russians by media

An assassination attempt against Russian President Vladimir Putin. A ploy to draw the West into the battle for Ukraine's east. A botched mission to commit mass murder against Russian citizens.

Russian news consumers are getting plenty of explanations for the downing of flight MH17, which killed 298 people. While they vary wildly in content, none admits the possibility that Russia may be responsible.

Yekaterina Andreyeva, one of Russia's best-known TV anchors, said Mr Putin, travelling home from Brazil, passed along the same flight path less than an hour before it was hit - suggesting an assassination attempt.


One theory focused on the Buk missile launcher which brought down the plane. State-owned Rossiya TV pinned the blame on Kiev by saying the rebels did not own one.

Rossiya said that the Malaysia Airlines logo "resembles the Russian tricolor" - hinting at an attempt to blow up a Russian passenger jet.

Russia's most-read tabloid claimed that Ukrainian air traffic controllers redirected the plane to fly over the conflict zone.

And Russian media suggested that Ukrainian authorities orchestrated the downing to make it look like a rebel attack.

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