Saturday 19 January 2019

Conor cheers on big sister Erin as Maia is voted out

Conor McGregor turned up with the rest of the clan to show support for Erin
Conor McGregor turned up with the rest of the clan to show support for Erin

MMA champion Conor McGregor is not used to sitting ringside.

However, last night the champion fighter and his partner Dee Devlin jetted in from New York to Ardmore to cheer on his elder sister Erin in Dancing With The Stars.

The mum-of-two was delighted to have The Notorious and Co in the crowd.

"It's amazing having such a great support system - whether he is here or not here, he is still behind me 100pc," she said.

Sadly, Conor didn't hang about too long after the dance contest - probably all that jet lag. However, he did tell reporters, "I am so proud of her" as he darted out the doors.

Last night, Maia Dunphy became the third contestant to waltz off the show.


"I am very disappointed," she said afterwards. "Of course I am."

Many viewers felt the judges were unduly harsh in their marking of Maia's routine.

"I don't like starting conspiracy theories and you don't want to be a bad loser," Maia said.

"But Twitter was ablaze with it. When you work hard, it is a knock but it is nice that people think we were harshly scored.

"People say you have to be more confident, but if someone is giving you low scores and criticising you, it chips away at your confidence."

Maia thinks the rural vote may have been the reason for her departure.

"There's a tribal element to it... regional audiences tend to support their own slightly more, but it sounds like I'm a sore loser."

Asked if she would keep dancing, she replied: "Maybe in my kitchen".

Star of the night was a shirtless Jake Carter, who did a contemporary ballroom to Sign of the Times, by Harry Styles, which received a standing ovation.

Marty Morrissey was hoping to edge out of the relegation zone with an energetic Charleston. Sadly, it wasn't to be and he was bottom of the leader board for the third week running.

"Could we simplify things?" judge Loraine Barry said afterwards, while Julien Benson recommended Marty downing a few "double espressos to get your feet moving".

Thankfully for voters, everyone's favourite dancers - Marty and comedian Bernard O'Shea - sailed through the eliminations unscathed.

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