Tuesday 22 January 2019

Connection issue puts half of Dublin Bikes out of action

ALMOST half of Dublin Bike rental scheme stations weren't working last night due to a "connection issue".

The popular bikes were hit by the glitch in the system that affected 41 stations out of the 100 dotted across the city.

Users of the service took to Twitter to vent their frustrations last night.

"Lots of #DublinBikes stations out of order Could not get a bike earlier. Any explanation there folks?," wrote one.

Another wrote: "Just lost an hour of my evening finding a docking space for a bike. All full. Anyone home at Dublin bikes?"

In a statement last night Dublin City Council said: "41 stations are currently unavailable. This is due to a connection issue."


The local authority had feared the problem would persist this morning adding "Every effort is being made to rectify the problem".

This morning a spokesman said: "All sites are now fully operational.

"I received reports of this issue after 9pm. It was resolved at 22.55pm.

"This meant there was a full Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes service this morning."

The popular bike service - which recently signed a sponsorship deal with the soft drinks giant, has enjoyed a record breaking year in 2013 with more than 1.5m journey's taken by users.

There was an average of 4,675 trips a day with the busiest single 24-hour period coming on October 13 with 7,000 journeys recorded.

The bikes were first launched in 2009 with well over 6m journeys taking place since then.


The scheme has 36,636 long-term subscribers and 10,266 short-term ones and the average cycling journey time is 20 minutes.

Just over 95pc of these were under 30 minutes and so cost nothing.

The Dublin Bikes scheme have seen a major expansion in the last year.


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