Saturday 16 December 2017

Confusion reigns as city fears dumping epidemic

THE capital was on the verge of becoming a massive rubbish dump today as thousands of families faced having their waste collection service cut off.

Greyhound Recycling has threatened to stop collecting bins from the 18,000 homes that have failed to pay fees.

The warning has been dubbed “callous” and “bully-boy” by local representatives with city authorities now on alert that our streets and parks will become a dumping ground.

And the issue again took centre stage in the Dail today, with Fianna Fail warning that the capital will become a “cesspool”.

The party’s deputy leader Eamon O’Cuiv said the bins fiasco could damage tourist numbers coming to Dublin.

“We’re a month away from St Patrick’s Day when thousands and thousands of people will visit this city,” he said.

“And we want at our city to be a showcase for the world.

“Due to the ineptitude of the Government and of the Government parties who control Dublin City Council, it is quite likely, that what will be said by the visitors when they leave Ireland – they will refer to Dublin as ‘dear old dirty Dublin’”.


Confusion reigned this morning when Greyhound workers were seen collecting rubbish without checking whether the customer had paid their bill.

All bins were being collected by Greyhound in the East Wall area this morning, regardless of whether the controversial €100 charge had been paid.

One of its bin trucks was seen at around 8am doing the rounds and collecting all black bags and wheelie bins. When asked if they knew who had paid the €100 charge, the bin collectors said they had no lists of names.

“We don't know who paid it, we're just collecting all the bins,” the driver told the Herald.

Councillors have called on Greyhound to “immediately clarify” the situation, adding that “nobody knows what’s going on”. However, as representatives made a last-ditch plea to Greyhound today to remove its deadline entirely, the company spokesperson went on holiday.

The Herald has learned that widespread dumping has already taken place in the capital since the controversial sale of the bin service by DCC.

New figures reveal that a shocking 1,140 dumped bags were reported by the litter wardens in the central area alone.

Some 42 tonnes of dumped items were collected by the Environmental Response Unit in January, according to information obtained by the Herald.

Councillors have warned the fiasco is set to cost the taxpayer a “small fortune” in additional clean-up costs.

Those who do not have their bins collected may be liable for prosecution.

Independent councillor Christy Burke told the Herald that the city will “become like rubbish-filled Naples” unless the council intervenes.

“That callous threat was nothing short of bully-boy tactics by Greyhound. Now we just don’t know what’s going on. It’s not the way people should be treated. Families are deciding today whether to pay for their dinner or their bins – how can this council and this Government stand over that? Do we want our great city to become a complete landfill?”

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