Friday 15 December 2017

Conference trip moved to Dublin by docks chiefs

HERE is the news....public body bans junkets. No this is not a misprint, this is absolutely true.

The Dublin Docklands Development Authority will not travel for an annual costly junket next year.

The local authority has held its annual social regeneration conference in the tourist hub of Killarney since 2003.

But at the request of two members of the Docklands council, it will be held in Dublin next February.

The DDDA sparked widespread criticism when it spent €120,000 on the taxpayer-funded conference in the Malton Hotel, Killarney last year.

Gerry Fay, from the North Wall Residents Association, objected to the massive expenditure at a recent meeting of the Docklands council.

"I would be in favour of it going to Dublin. I think in the current climate, it's the most appropriate," he said.

He added that the culture of conferences and company junkets has now changed during the recession.

"We're now living in different times and it has to be reflected in that.

"When we went to Killarney two years ago the world was a different place," he added.

Some 200 guests attended last year, and the DDDA defended it as "a critical investment in education and community development".

A DDDA spokesperson said: "In the past, the conference was held in Killarney to enable participants to be focussed and totally engaged for the two-day period with minimal distractions."

But she confirmed that Dublin will be the new location for the conference.


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