Wednesday 16 January 2019

Computer check on garda caught with cocaine

THE computer records of a garda caught with cocaine are being examined -- amid fears he may have leaked information to drug dealers.

A major internal investigation is under way today after the arrest of the officer on Ormond Quay as he met a known dealer.

The garda is based in the force's Crumlin-Sundrive Road district -- where the gang led by 'Fat' Freddie Thompson are active.

Detectives from the force's Internal Affairs Unit are trawling the force's computer system -- known as Pulse -- to check what records the officer has accessed.

The checks are being carried out amid fears that the garda, who was nabbed taking part in an alleged drugs transaction, may have provided information to criminals.


A source said: "There are a number of serious criminals, many linked to the Thompson gang, active in this officer's district. There are concerns that this garda may have had contact with such individuals."

In a separate incident last year an officer in the city was sacked after giving information to members of Eamon Dunne's drug gang.

The officer arrested on Monday remained in custody today, along with his suspected drug supplier. The garda's phone and bank records are also being examined.

The pair were apprehended in Dublin's north inner city as they were allegedly taking part in a cocaine transaction.

Organised crime detectives are to carry out an extensive investigation into the background of the garda, who it is believed has a drug habit. The probe will look at the arrests the garda has made and whether he has been passing on information about police activities.

Based in Dublin's G District, covering Crumlin and Sundrive Road Garda Stations, the officer was caught with 8g of cocaine, with a street value of around €800.

A surveillance operation had been mounted prior to the arrest after the garda was seen in the company of criminals.

When the officer met a suspected drug dealer on Ormond Quay on Monday afternoon they were both arrested.

They are being detained under Section 2 of the Drug Trafficking Act and are being held at Store Street and Kevin Street Garda stations.

They can be held for up to seven days without charge.

The garda, who is in his 20s, has been suspended pending the investigation.


While he is thought to have a drug habit, the cocaine seized is understood to have been a large amount for personal consumption.

Detectives suspect the garda may have been supplying the cocaine, as well as using it himself. The National Bureau of Criminal Investigation detained him on suspicion of selling or supplying drugs under Section 15 of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

He was arrested after being observed at a meeting with a criminal in Finglas on Monday morning.

The garda's locker, his home and the home of his suspected supplier were all searched in follow-up investigations.

Det Supt John McMahon, from the Dublin metropolitan headquarters at Harcourt Square, is leading the probe.


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